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Fast Facebook is a Facebook client that lets you manage your account on the popular social network from a simple, minimalistic, and fast interface.

Even though there are lots of different clients besides the official app for using Twitter, in the case of Facebook, the alternatives are much more scarce. Fast Facebook is one the few alternatives, which offers pretty interesting features.

The main benefit of Fast Facebook is that of its speed. Using this app, you'll notice a considerable improvement when you browse Facebook. This is due mainly to the lighter data load. With its minimalist design, it avoids many of the details used in the official Facebook app.

Besides the aesthetic changes that improve speed, you can still carry out the same actions that you can do in the official client. Publish pictures, comment, change your bio ... anything you want.

Fast Facebook is an alternative client for Facebook that is particularly useful for users with a reduced data plan. With this app you can consume much less bandwidth than with the official client.
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The official Facebook client for smartphones and tablets slows down your performance and hogs way too many resources. Not only because of the amount of your data plan it eats through every month, but adding insult to injury, it also completely drains your battery life. Given that quitting social networks like Facebook is not on the order of the day, here is a list of five great alternatives to the official Facebook client, all of which will let you access your Facebook account from your smartphone or tablet without uselessly sacrificing battery life or data.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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